The Heart of's Innovation in Log Home Construction

Meet ABBYcam, the heart of's groundbreaking approach in log home construction. This proprietary CAD/CAM software is our exclusive tool, pivotal in bringing unique log home designs from concept to reality. While ABBYcam is an internal asset and not for sale- it is the key to every log home we expertly craft.

Tailored Design Mastery

At the core of our design phase, ABBYcam enables the creation of custom log homes, each perfectly aligned with our client's specific desires. Although exclusively used by, the precision and adaptability of ABBYcam are evident in the bespoke nature of each home we build.

Enhanced Visualization Capabilities

ABBYcam empowers us to craft detailed renderings, offering clients a glimpse into the future of their homes. These advanced visualizations ensure that every element of the design meets our client's vision accurately, setting the stage for construction with confidence.

Streamlined Production Process

In the production phase, ABBYcam's true potential unfolds. It efficiently translates intricate designs into precise robotic manufacturing instructions, ensuring a seamless flow from design to reality. This process guarantees unmatched accuracy and efficiency in the construction of your log home.

The Edge of ABBYcam

The intuitive nature of ABBYcam reflects our commitment to innovation and quality. While its interface and operations are exclusive to our team, the results are tangible in every aspect of our log homes - from the precision in joints to the beauty of curves and finishes.

Robotic Manufacturing Integration

ABBYcam's sophistication extends beyond design into the realm of production, where it seamlessly interfaces with our ABB robots. It expertly translates architectural designs into precise coding, which is directly fed into our robotic systems. This streamlined process ensures that every intricate detail in the design is accurately interpreted and executed by the robots. The direct submission of these codes to the robotic systems is a hallmark of efficiency, minimizing human error and maximizing precision in the construction of each log home. This integration exemplifies's commitment to marrying innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship.