Custom Cuts

ABBYcam: Tailored Precision for Custom Work

we understand that every project has its unique challenges and demands. With ABBYcam, our groundbreaking CAD/CAM software, we're not just prepared for custom work; we're excited by it. Our ability to adapt and cater to special requests sets us apart, ensuring that even the most complex designs become a reality.

Embracing Special Cases with ABBYcam

Special cases aren't just part of the job; they're opportunities for us to showcase the versatility and adaptability of ABBYcam. Whether it's a unique architectural feature or a bespoke element that enhances your log home, we're equipped to bring your vision to life. Our software is designed to handle custom requests with ease, offering unparalleled flexibility in log home construction.

Custom Programming for Unique Designs

From spiral staircases that twist elegantly to spheres with large diameters, our team has tackled a variety of custom projects. Each of these challenges has been met with a solution that ABBYcam and our ABB robots can execute with precision. Our approach is straightforward: if you can envision it, we can program it. And with each custom project, we charge based on the complexity and requirements, ensuring transparency and fairness in every quote.

Your Vision, Precisely Crafted

The introduction of ABBYcam into our workflow represents a significant leap forward for several reasons:

The beauty of ABBYcam lies in its ability to translate intricate designs into precise robotic instructions. This means that no matter how complex your custom design might be, our technology can accurately program the necessary cuts and assemblies. Your vision becomes our blueprint, guiding each move our robots make.

Let's Create Something Unique

With ABBYcam's precision robot programming, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Contact us to discuss your custom project today, and let's create something truly unique together.