ABBYcam & Robots

Harnessing ABBYcam: The Heart of Robotic Precision

In the realm of log home construction, stands at the forefront of innovation, especially in North Bay, Ontario. Our secret weapon? ABBYcam, a bespoke CAD/CAM solution we developed from scratch. This powerful software is not just about designing beautiful log homes; it's the brain behind our robotic operations, instructing our ABB robots with unparalleled precision.

ABBYcam: Beyond Design to CAM Brilliance

ABBYcam's CAM capabilities are where the true innovation lies. Every line of code was crafted for ABBYcam to translate complex architectural designs into precise instructions for our ABB robots. This means that the robots, impressive as they are, become mere vessels for our creativity and engineering prowess. Similar to how iOS transforms an iPhone from hardware into an indispensable tool. Without ABBYcam's sophisticated programming, our robots would be unable to perform the intricate cutting and assembly required for our high-quality log homes.

The Power of Local Innovation

Our proximity to ABB Canada in Toronto has been crucial. It meant access to world-class support and collaboration, allowing us to fine-tune ABBYcam and our robotic operations for optimal performance. This local partnership underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the log home industry.

Why ABBYcam Matters

The introduction of ABBYcam into our workflow represents a significant leap forward for several reasons:

Precision Engineering: ABBYcam generates CAM data that enables our robots to execute designs with millimeter accuracy, ensuring every log fits perfectly in place.

Efficiency: Streamlining the translation from design to construction, ABBYcam significantly speeds up the manufacturing process, allowing us to undertake more projects with faster turnaround times.

Customization: With ABBYcam, customizing designs to client specifications becomes seamless, offering nearly limitless possibilities in log home construction.

Innovation: ABBYcam is the result of in-house innovation, reflecting our dedication to leading the industry through technology.

Looking Ahead

The development and implementation of ABBYcam have placed at the cutting edge of log home construction. It embodies our vision of merging traditional craftsmanship with the precision and efficiency of modern technology. ABBYcam is more than software; it's a testament to our innovative spirit and our journey towards redefining the standards of log home construction for years to come.