The Difference

Tradition Meets High-Tech

A Tradition Reimagined

For centuries, log homes have symbolized traditional craftsmanship, standing the test of time. However, the methods of building these homes remained unchanged for years, relying on techniques that, while time-honored, had limitations in efficiency and environmental impact.

Challenges of Traditional Methods

The classic hand-scribed method, known for its tight log fit, demanded immense skill and labor hours. Chainsaws brought some advancements but came with their own set of challenges - fuel emissions, the need for extensive training and safety equipment, and the risk of worker fatigue leading to reduced quality or injury. These factors contributed significantly to the overall cost and environmental footprint of traditional log home building.

Our Revolutionary Process

At Incorporated, we've transformed these challenges into opportunities for innovation. Our patented process, leveraging 3D scanners and 7-axis CNC robots, has significantly reduced dangers, time, costs, and emissions associated with log home building. This high-tech approach enhances efficiency, quality, and consistency, accelerating production without compromising on craftsmanship.

Modular Design: A New Era in Log Homes

Embracing a piece-on-piece assembly, we offer a modular design approach. This enables full customization of cabins using standard walls and components we've pre-designed. Such a modular system not only streamlines production but also substantially reduces the cost of log homes, making them more accessible without sacrificing quality.

The Advantage

Our process is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability in log home building. By marrying traditional aesthetics with modern technology, we ensure each log home we create is not just a structure but a sustainable, efficient, and beautifully crafted piece of art.

We've outlined below the advantages, presented in six distinct stages, of choosing a log home crafted with our EZE-Panel system compared to a traditional handcrafted log home.

The Differences

Find Out Why People are Choosing Eze-Panel over Traditional Methods:

Traditional Methods
  • A diverse array of stunning aesthetic building options become limited.
  • Design flexibility options such as multiple elevations and multiple corners become challenging due to right-angle limitations and log extensions.
  • Access to natural lighting becomes limited (not conducive to placing windows near corners and installing corner windows).
  • Log extensions are vulnerable to the weather while constraining the deck design and flow with outdoor living areas.
The EzePanel Approach

Precision Pre-Built panels are extremely adaptable to creative design: diverse Angles, multiple corners, unrestricted glazing and multiple elevations become possible when creating your log home with Eze-Panels.

Traditional Methods

  • Skilled and trained labourers who consistently deliver high-quality craftsmanship are hard to find.
  • Building requires a labour-intensive process to achieve the quality levels and tolerances needed to make your log home last.
  • Traditional methods require costly long logs that are increasingly difficult to source.

The EzePanel Approach

  • Our advanced robots work day and night at an unparalleled level of consistency.
  • We effortlessly achieve the quality levels that our craftsmen demand and exceed the fine tolerances of a well-crafted log home.
  • We primarily use shorter logs that cost less and are easier to find.

Traditional Methods

When crafting traditional log homes, labourers must take into consideration the time-consuming process of settling from 5" and up to 10" depending on the moisture content of the logs, the log species and the roof load of the finished structure.

The EzePanel Approach

The Eze-Panels is a non-settling system which allows your contractor to finish your home in a fraction of the time without the expertise required to complete a scribed or settling log structure successfully.

Traditional Methods

approx. 20% of finishing costs in a traditionally built log home are associated with the settling process of logs:

  • Doors and windows
  • Roofing
  • Screw-jacks
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Interior walls
  • Plumbing
  • Wiring

The EzePanel Approach

The non-settling Eze-panels provide a more cost-efficient, faster way to finish your log home, allowing you to install design specifications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods saving you funds for above expenses.

Traditional Methods

  • Screw Jack adjustments.
  • Re-staining when neccessary.
  • Caulk or chink where necessary.
  • Multiple adust trim-boards over doors and windows and interior walls once building has settled.

The EzePanel Approach

Your bespoke log home only needs re-staining when necessary and minimal chink-line touch-ups if/where necessary, so you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your beautiful rustic ambience.

Finished Log Home

Traditional Methods

Enjoy living in a beautiful, well-crafted structure featuring large diameter natural logs with all of the character, beauty and appeal of a well-built hand-crafted log home.


Feel instantly at home in a beautiful, well-crafted structure featuring large diameter natural logs with all of the character, beauty and appeal of a well-built hand-crafted log home only faster, easier and more cost-effective!