Natures Haven

Nature's Haven: Embracing Serenity in Rustic Comfort

Welcome to Nature's Haven, a rustic gem nestled in the heart of tranquility, offering a spacious 512 sq ft retreat designed for those who seek to merge comfort with the raw beauty of nature. This meticulously crafted 16x32 cabin is a testament to the timeless appeal of rustic living, harmoniously blending into any natural setting while maximizing indoor space for a truly cozy experience.

Nature's Haven features an intuitive layout that includes two inviting bedrooms and a single bathroom, ensuring comfort and privacy for inhabitants. The inclusion of a mudroom acts as the perfect transitional space, offering a spot to shed the day's exploration before stepping into the warmth of home. The core of Nature's Haven is its open-plan living room and kitchen area, a space that fosters communal joy, shared meals, and the creation of lasting memories.

Heated by a traditional woodstove or your choice of heating source, this cabin is a haven of warmth. The logs' natural ability to absorb and slowly release heat provides a continuously cozy environment, enveloping residents in a warm embrace long after the fire dims.

Nature's Haven isn't just a place to stay; it's a lifestyle choice. Ideal for family escapes, a peaceful retirement sanctuary, or as an enchanting rental opportunity, it represents a unique investment in creating unforgettable moments and enjoying the simplicity and splendor of cabin life.

Our homes include:

  • at least 14" log diameter in average in panels
  • 16" log diameter in average in posts
  • Water peeled for natural look and no maintenance
  • Engineered roof trusses with natural visible beams