The Woodland Retreat

The Woodland Retreat: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

The Woodland Retreat is a great solution the whole family can agree upon. We created a perfect spot to entertain friends and family whether your on the deck outside or inside enjoying the open concept kitchen/living room area. This three bedroom home has been designed with everyone in mind.

This getaway can provide a year round home or a vacation retreat. Our logs provide significant insulation and protection so you can enjoy any season no matter the weather. We build log homes and cabins that will last many years! This means they can stay in the family from generation to generation with very little maintenance required.

Design Highlights

The essence of the Woodland Retreat lies in its ability to blend functionality with aesthetic grace. The inclusion of a breakfast nook not only enhances the kitchen's openness but also fosters a fluid interaction between the culinary space and the living area, inviting a sense of togetherness.

This home is more than a structure; it's a commitment to a lifestyle that values durability, minimal upkeep, and the passage of traditions across generations. The Woodland Retreat embodies the spirit of sustainable, connected living, designed to be as enduring as the memories made within its walls.

Embrace the essence of living intertwined with nature in the Woodland Retreat, where each detail is crafted not just for today but for the legacy of tomorrow.

The house was deliver to the United Kingdom and erected in 4 days.


  •  Three Bedrooms: Includes a primary suite designed for tranquility and privacy, complemented by two additional bedrooms, creating a haven for family and guests alike.
  •  Two Bathrooms: A primary ensuite and a secondary bathroom, thoughtfully placed to ensure convenience and privacy.
  •  Laundry Room: A practical addition that combines functionality with ease, seamlessly integrated into the home's layout.
  •  Main Entrance/Mud Room: A welcoming space designed to transition from the great outdoors to the cozy indoors effortlessly.
  •  Office/Extra Room: Offering flexibility, this space can serve as a home office, craft room, or an additional guest room, adapting to your changing needs.
  •  Open Kitchen/Living Room: A beautifully designed area that becomes the heart of the home, perfect for entertaining or relaxing with loved ones.


3D Model