North Bay, ON

North Bay, ON: A Nexus of Innovation

In North Bay, Ontario, our dual workshop seamlessly integrates wood and metal craftsmanship, launched in June 2023. This setup showcases our drive for excellence, merging traditional artistry with modern technology.

Our North Bay Facility: A Model of Innovation

Our center, set to operate by late spring 2024, embodies our vision for innovative production.

It features:

  • Metal Workshop: A space for creating new connections and parts, pushing engineering boundaries.
  • Wood Workshop: Where traditional log cabin designs are revitalized with cutting-edge techniques.

Our North Bay site is more than a workshop; it's a commitment to pioneering in combining natural elements with technology, enhancing our reach and leadership.

Explore the evolution of architecture with us. Don't forget to check out the photo gallery below for a closer look at our journey.