Handcrafted Loghomes

by robots 

Welcome to Loghome.io

We are a pioneer in the handcrafted log home building industry, the first and only company to integrate robotics into the manufacturing process of handcrafted log homes. This technological innovation leads to several distinct benefits:

  • Precision Engineering: Our robotics technology can process each log with millimeter-level precision. This results in consistently high-quality scribe lines and a uniform fit across all logs.
  • ​Increased Production Rate: Robotics significantly increases the speed of production, allowing us to process a large volume of logs in a fraction of the time traditionally required.
  • ​Consistent Quality Control: Robotics ensures uniform quality across all processed logs, maintaining high standards of production that are difficult to achieve with manual methods.

One of our proprietary products, the EZE-Panel, demonstrates the power of our robotics technology. These panels, part of a piece-en-piece or Post-and-Plank log system, are manufactured with exact scribe lines for a perfect fit. The precision of the robotics ensures a tight, seamless interlock between panels, which not only enhances the structural integrity but also maintains the aesthetic of traditional handcrafted log homes.

Recognizing the need for innovation within the industry, Loghome.io offers a unique reseller program to log home builders across North America. This program allows builders to benefit from our advanced robotics technology, enabling them to increase their own production efficiency while retaining the quality and authenticity of handcrafted log homes.

At Loghome.io, we are not just building log home shells. We are pushing the boundaries of the industry, combining the art of traditional handcrafting with the precision of modern robotics. Our mission is to set new standards in the handcrafted log homes industry, and through our reseller program, we aim to make our innovative technology accessible to builders across the continent.

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