Northern Exposure

The Northern Exposure: Spacious Living with a Rustic Touch

Presenting the Northern Exposure, a grand cabin spanning 768 sq ft, designed for all seasons. 
Its expansive porch wraps around in an L-shape, adding character and ample outdoor space to enjoy the serene surroundings. Inside, the layout is thoughtfully arranged to foster a snug and intimate atmosphere. The bedroom boasts its own private deck access, perfect for quiet mornings or starlit evenings. A shared woodstove between the living room and bedroom enhances the home's rustic charm, providing warmth and a welcoming ambiance. 

This cabin is not just a dwelling; it's a versatile investment, ideal for family getaways, retirement peace, or as a desirable rental property. With the Northern Exposure, create timeless memories and relish in the comfort and beauty of cottage living.

Our cabins include:

  • 14" log diameter in average in panels
  • 16" log diameter in average in posts
  • Water peeled for natural look and no maintenance
  • Engineered roof trusses with natural visible beams