The EZE-Panel System

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Once the new screen opens press 'F11' for fullscreen mode if you are on a pc, or use 'Control + Command + F' for Mac users. Inc. merges traditional craftsmanship with high-tech solutions, redefining handcrafted log home construction. Traditional methods, despite chainsaw usage, suffer from issues such as pollution, work speed and quality limitations, and inconsistent results among identical logs.

Our patented technology, utilizing 7-axis CNC robots, transforms this process. It considerably reduces time, cost, and emissions while enhancing efficiency, quality, and consistency. Furthermore, our unique virtual file system enables precise heat loss calculations for each panel, promoting energy-efficient homes.

We proudly present our EZE-Panel. This revolutionary product provides custom features like flat or partially flat surfaces on either side of the wall, catering to various design needs. is the future of sustainable, efficient, and high-quality log home construction.

Comparison of Traditional Panel and EZE-Panel

Traditional Panel
  • Requires manual labor and expertise
  • Emits pollution from the use of chainsaws
  • Safe operation of equipment requires proper training
  • Operator fatigue and human error can affect work quality and pose safety risks
  • Work speed is limited by the operator's physical and mental fitness
  • Work quality is also limited by the operator's physical and mental fitness
  • Results can vary even if the logs are identical

EZE-Panel (using Inc's technology):
  • Eliminates manual labor and expertise with the use of 3D scanners and 7-axis CNC robots
  • Reduces pollution, time, cost, and emissions associated with traditional log home building
  • Increases efficiency, quality, and consistency while increasing production speed
  • Allows for precise heat loss calculations with a virtual file of the panel
  • Offers unmatched efficiency, quality, and consistency compared to traditional log home building methods.

By choosing us you can relish the traditional aesthetics of a handcrafted log home, while reaping the benefits of modern technology.

Ordering our EZE-Panels is as easy as 1-2-3!

Choose Your Length

Select Your Surface Design

Select Your Surface Design

1- Choose your Length fabricates panels from superior Ontario White Pine, harvested sustainably and precisely cut to your needs. Our panels are available in a variety of lengths - 8, 10, 12, 16, to 20 feet, offering flexible solutions for any home design.

 Consider a corner bathroom that measures 12ft by 8ft. You simply choose an 8ft and a 12ft panel for a perfect fit. An adjoining 16ft bedroom? 

Add a 16ft panel. This strategic selection aids in achieving an efficient, waste-minimal construction process.

Our robotic manufacturing ensures seamless alignment of each panel, delivering a polished, handcrafted finish. Choosing a panel length with means optimizing efficiency, minimizing waste, and never compromising on superior craftsmanship. Each high-quality White Pine panel brings you a step closer to your dream log home.

2- Select Your Surface Design

At we empower you to customize your space by selecting either a flat or round surface design for your panels. Each design offers distinct aesthetic and functional advantages. 

Flat surfaces blend modernity with traditional log home charm, proving ideal for mounting fixtures or furniture. Considering wall-mounted cabinets or an inbuilt kitchen unit? Flat surfaces provide a sleek, flush finish. Planning an exterior EV charger? Flat panels offer a sturdy base for easy installation.

Alternatively, round surface design encapsulates the timeless appeal of traditional log homes, delivering an authentic rustic feel. The distinct texture provided by round logs adds a unique charm that flat surfaces can't replicate.

With Inc. advanced robotic technology, your design preference becomes reality. Whether it's the contemporary feel of flat surfaces or the classic allure of round logs, let your home reflect your style. 

3- Detail Your Add-Ons

Finalizing your EZE-Panel customization involves adding specific features. 

With specify additions like windows, doors, or placements for electrical receptacles and light switches. We adapt panels to your needs, ensuring they're perfectly integrated for your convenience. Your design is meticulously followed, resulting in a tailored, functional home that is uniquely yours.

At we transform your log home vision into reality.

That's it!