Loghome.io Merges Tradition with Technology in the Handcrafted Log Home Industry

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March 13, 2024 by
Loghome.io Merges Tradition with Technology in the Handcrafted Log Home Industry
Loghome.io Incorporated, Alexander Knecht


Loghome.io Merges Tradition with Technology in the Handcrafted Log Home Industry

North Bay, Ontario – Loghome.io proudly announces the integration of groundbreaking robotic technology with the time-honored piece-en-piece construction method, a technique with centuries of history in Europe, now innovatively adapted for handcrafted log home building. This unique combination sets new standards in the design and construction of sustainable living spaces, blending the artistry of traditional craftsmanship with the precision of modern technology.

Developed through the visionary efforts of Dusko Ballmer in 2012 and subsequently joined by Alexander Knecht in 2013, this project has successfully navigated the challenges of marrying historic construction methods with cutting-edge technology, culminating in the development of the EZE-Panel system. This accomplishment underscores Loghome.io's commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental stewardship.

Revolutionizing Tradition: The EZE-Panel System Enhanced by Robotics

The EZE-Panel system embodies Loghome.io's innovative approach to log home construction, seamlessly integrating traditional piece-en-piece techniques with advanced robotic technology. This method, brought to Canada in the 1700s, utilizes short lengths of logs or timber, enabling the construction of large, stable, and aesthetically pleasing structures under human power.

Loghome.io's adoption of this construction technique is revolutionized by the use of state-of-the-art robotics to produce customized panels up to 16ft in length from premium Northern Ontario White Pine. This melding of tradition with technology ensures unparalleled precision, efficiency, and quality in log home construction, marking a significant evolution from traditional practices.

The introduction of modern scanning and robotic technology to refine and expedite the piece-en-piece process represents an industry-leading innovation. By incorporating modern construction details, Loghome.io enhances the method's strength, durability, and adaptability, making the structures modular, easily shippable, and potentially earthquake-resistant. This approach respects the architectural heritage of piece-en-piece construction while elevating it to meet contemporary standards of efficiency and sustainability.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient Construction

The EZE-Panel system not only enhances the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of log homes but also promotes eco-friendly building practices. Robotic precision dramatically reduces waste and optimizes material use, exemplifying Loghome.io's dedication to environmental responsibility.

Integration of GabbieCAM and ABB Robotics

At the heart of Loghome.io's technological advancements are GabbieCAM and ABB robotics, which significantly enhance the precision and efficiency of the manufacturing process. GabbieCAM, a custom CAD/CAM software from Loghome.io, translates intricate designs into precise production blueprints, while ABB's robotics ensure unmatched accuracy and consistency, marking a leap forward in the fusion of craftsmanship and technology.

Showcasing at the Spring Cottage Show in Mississauga

Loghome.io invites attendees to experience the future of log home construction at the Spring Cottage Life Show, March 21st to 24th, at The International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, ON. Visit Booth #2637 in Hall 5 to see the harmonious blend of tradition and technology firsthand.

About Loghome.io

Based in North Bay, Ontario, Loghome.io is a pioneer in combining traditional craftsmanship with advanced robotic technology in the handcrafted log home construction industry. The company's commitment to innovation and inspiration is evident in its mission to create homes that are sanctuaries of peace, harmonizing with nature while showcasing the efficiency and precision of modern engineering.


Alexander Knecht, Founder, Loghome.io
Email: aknecht@loghome.io