​Become A Strategic Partner

A Strategic Partner of Loghome.io is a professional or business that integrates our innovative handcrafted log homes into their offerings. This could be an interior designer creating unique, personalized living spaces, an architect incorporating our precision-crafted structures into their designs, or a real estate developer distinguishing their properties with our high-quality log homes.

Strategic Partners are more than resellers; they are valued collaborators who align with our mission of revolutionizing the log home industry. Through their professional expertise, they introduce our innovative products to a wider audience, enhancing their services and delivering more value to their clients.

As a Strategic Partner, you would work closely with us to deliver a complete solution to your clients, ensuring they benefit from the unique features and superior quality of our log homes. In doing so, you join us in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, helping us bring the future of handcrafted log homes to more people.

Requirements and Application Process

  1. Candidates must be a licensed professional or business in the field of interior design, architecture, or real estate development.

  2. Please provide examples of previous projects or services, and demonstrate how our products can be incorporated into your services.

  3. The application process involves a review of your business, your previous work, and a discussion on how our partnership can be mutually beneficial. Upon approval, a contract will be signed that outlines the details of our partnership, including commission structures and responsibilities.

Benefits of Becoming a Strategic Partner

  • Unique Offering: Our EZE-PANEL log homes are unique in the market. By including our product in your offering, you distinguish your services and provide a new, exciting option to your clients.

  • Special Pricing: As a Strategic Partner, you will enjoy special pricing on our products, making it financially rewarding to incorporate our products into your services.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: By offering a product that is high-quality, sustainable, and unique, you enhance your clients' satisfaction with your services.


​Lead Forwarding

If we receive inquiries from potential clients in your area who require your professional services in addition to our products, we will forward those leads to you.

Production, Assembly & Delivery

As a Strategic Partner, you will not have to worry about the production, assembly or delivery process. Once you place an order, we take care of manufacturing and shipping the product to the client's site and you will be able to deal with one of our experienced Installation Partners to discuss details for the assembly of your project.

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Please note that all requirements and benefits are subject to change. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the program based on market conditions and our business strategy. However, we will communicate any changes in advance to ensure our partnership continues to be successful and beneficial to both parties.