"Why Wood?" 

you ask. Find below the strongest argument why your new home should be a log home from Loghome.io Inc

Loghome vs. Stickhome​

When it comes to building a home, choices abound. The materials you select lay the foundation for your future living environment. Choosing a log home, especially those made from sustainable, renewable resources like timber, opens up an array of unique advantages over traditional stick and brick homes. As you consider your options, let us unveil the rich rewards of investing in a log and timber home.

Champion of Green Living
Sustainability is more than a trend; it's a way of life. Log homes celebrate the quintessential green living ethos, owing to their use of renewable resources – trees. Carbon sequestration properties of logs help create an environment-friendly footprint by storing the carbon absorbed during their lifetime, thereby reducing greenhouse gases. Moreover, many log and timber home producers embrace responsible sourcing practices, harvesting standing dead timber or acquiring logs from sustainably certified forests.

An Epitome of Durability
The durability of log homes transcends generations, often outlasting conventional brick homes. Europe is replete with log and timber homes that are still intact after 800 years. Moreover, a log-constructed church in Russia dates back to an astounding 1,700 years, silently bearing testimony to the longevity of these structures.

Withstanding Nature’s Fury
Log homes have an uncanny knack for weathering harsh environmental conditions, including severe hurricanes and storms. Tales abound of log and timber homes, like the Satterwhite in Eastern Texas, standing firm against cataclysmic forces, sheltering their inhabitants, and saving lives. The robustness of log homes ensures they bear the brunt of nature's fury without succumbing to its pressure.

Blending with the Landscape
Unlike traditional houses, log homes do not impose themselves on the landscape. Instead, they beautifully blend with the surroundings, owing to their organic construction material. Nestled amidst nature, log homes amplify the outdoor living experience and help you connect with Mother Nature in a more profound way.

Accelerated Construction
Choosing a pre-cut, pre-drilled log system or a handcrafted log home reduces the construction time substantially. This quick assembly not only mitigates weather-related damages but also minimizes potential mold and mildew issues, which often arise from prolonged exposure to the elements. With an experienced crew, an average-sized log home can be weather-tight within a fortnight, a feat unachievable with conventional stick framing.

Thermal Comfort
Logs have an inherent thermal mass that makes them naturally conducive to maintaining indoor temperature, offering a cozy living environment in all seasons. This property enables log walls to absorb, store, and radiate energy, making your home energy efficient.

Energy Efficiency
Modern-day log homes, when constructed with a focus on proper sealing, exceed the standard energy efficiency ratings. Builders like Mike Gingras from Seven North Log Homes routinely construct homes that meet the Department of Energy's "Energy Star" standards, offering energy savings up to 30% more than traditional homes. Such efficiency translates to significant savings over the lifespan of the home.

Ease of Maintenance
Maintenance becomes less of a chore in log homes as potential issues like mold, mildew, or insect infestation can be visually detected early, ensuring prompt remediation. Unlike conventional homes where such problems might thrive undetected within wall cavities, log homes afford clear visibility, resulting in less damage and cost.

Craftsmanship at its Best
Log homes are a canvas for showcasing intricate carpentry and craftsmanship. From handcrafted staircases with bespoke spindles to cathedral ceilings adorned with large timbers, every corner of a log home is a testament to exceptional workmanship.

Tranquil Living
The thermal mass that provides energy efficiency to log homes also doubles up as a sound-dampening medium, offering a quieter living environment than conventional stick-built homes. The National Association of Home Builders Log and Timber Homes Council underlines this feature in its white paper, attributing it to the solid mass and profile of the log.

Integration of Modern Amenities
The rustic charm of log homes doesn't preclude the integration of modern conveniences. In today's digital age, log homeowners demand connected, automated, and secure living spaces. Technological add-ons like backup generators, security systems, and high-speed video, voice, and data networks can all be seamlessly incorporated, proving that rustic doesn't mean technologically regressive.

Ease of Customization
One of the joys of living in a log home is the ease of personalization. Want to hang a picture? Simply pick up a hammer and nail; no need for stud finders or patchwork. Log walls offer the simplicity of modifying your living space without the hassle usually associated with conventional homes.

Resale Value
Although not typically highlighted, log homes often maintain a high resale value. Thanks to their distinctive aesthetic and structural characteristics, they appeal to a niche market of buyers who value their unique attributes. These homes can be an excellent investment over the long term.

Choosing a log home brings many benefits that extend far beyond aesthetics. From their eco-friendly construction and remarkable durability to their energy efficiency and integration of modern technologies, log homes provide a timeless living solution that harmoniously melds tradition with contemporary needs. So, as you embark on your home-building journey, remember: log homes aren't just houses; they embody sustainable, comfortable, and tranquil living.